District of Katepwa Sewage Lagoon

Westside of Primary Cell

SW Corner

SE Corner of Primary Cell

SE Corner closer view

Primary Cell 6

Northside of Primary Cell

The District of Katepwa required an expansion in 2012 to their existing two-cell sewage lagoon system to meet current environmental regulations. To make the project financially viable, the District arranged for the construction to be completed by a heavy equipment training academy. Walker Projects completed the detailed design, approvals, and construction survey on the project.

Project Cost: $2,000,000 M
Project Scope: Existing cells were arranged in a treatment and storage cell configuration, released twice yearly to the environment. The cells totaled only 1.34 Ha in area; due to significant growth in the region, the new system was designed to be an evaporative process totaling 9.24 Ha in area to handle the future growth. The evaporation system is design to prevent any future release to the environment, thereby ensuring the District will meet the stringent Qu’Appelle Valley treated effluent quality requirements.