RM of Edenwold – Emerald Park Water Supply

Manganese Greensand Filtration Unit

Edenwold midphase

Edenwold Exterior

Edenwold Exterior 2

Edenwold 6

Edenwold 5

Edenwold 3

Edenwold 1

This 2012 water supply project was completed to produce and transfer untreated groundwater from two new groundwater wells to the existing Water Treatment Plant in Emerald Park. This project provides residents with treated water from their own facilities.


Project Details:
  • investigation and construction of two groundwater wells
  • construction of raw water pumphouse
  • 7.6 km HDPE 300 mm diameter forcemain
  • monitoring equipment and controls added to the treatment plant
  • design consideration for future well supply and treatment plant expansions
  • 415m³ reinforced concrete reservoir as plant foundation
  • 135m³ timber-framed, metal-clad plant expansion, with vaulted ceiling
  • 2400 dia X 7.62m long horizontal pressure filter with 4 individual cells, greens and plus media and air wash system, rated at 36.4Lps. Adequate space in plant to double the filter capacity to 72.8Lps
  • PLC controlled filter valve system with HMI
  • engine-driven VLS standby pumps with VFD each rated at 56.78Lps
  • 3 VLS distribution pumps with VFD each rated at 17.35Lps
  • Filter backwash pumps rated at 28.4Lps.
  • 60KW auto start Generator Set in enclosure.
  • Associated pipework, valves, chemical feeders, new electrical and controls.
Project Area: 7.5 km
Project Cost: $1.95 M