Town of Canora Sewage Lift Station

Canora Pre-construction

Canora - Post Construction

Canora 7

Canora 6


Canora 3

Canora 2

Canora 1

To meet the waste water requirements for the growing community, two Sewage Lift Stations (SLS) upgrade projects were undertaken and completed in 2013. Walker Projects completed the preliminary and detailed design, approvals, tendering, construction inspections and documents.

1st Avenue SLS: $.370 M
4th Avenue SLS: $.140 M

Project Details: Replace existing SLS with 1.8m diameter x 7.32 meter RCP Wet Pit, 2 submersible sewage pumps and pipework, each rated at 18.93 Litres Per Second (LPS), ventilation and controls; Replace 200mm diameter gravity mains and manhole to SLS and provide new 150mm diameter x 165m PE force main.
Project Cost: $.510 M