Bethune & K+S Potash Sewage Lagoon Expansion

Village of Bethune Sewage Lagoon Expansion

Bethune Sewage Lagoon Expansion

Bethune Sewage Lagoon

The lagoon expansion project was substantially completed in 2013 for the Village of Bethune to bring their sewage handling and storage capacity in line with Provincial Regulations and to provide for a reasonably significant growth rate over a 20 year time horizon. The Village of Bethune and K+S Potash Canada acted in partnership to complete the lagoon expansion to ensure the expanded capacity can receive all sewage from the K+S mine camp over their proposed construction period and will also provide permanent capacity to receive the sewage from the K+S Legacy Project for the duration of its operations. The expansion cells are designed to operate as storage cells over the proposed mine construction period and will release the treated effluent approximately every 220 days to natural receiving waters. Once the Legacy Project is fully operational sewage will be substantially reduced and the lagoon expansion will permanently convert to an evaporation cell and will no longer need to release effluent to receiving waters, thereby, improving the long term environmental impacts of the project.

Project Details:
  • Permanent treatment cell expansion of 0.29 Ha
  • Temporary treatment cell expansion of 3.55 Ha
  • Temporary storage cell expansion of 20.51 Ha
  • Self-regulating transfer structures between cells
  • 1.1 km access road designed for heavy truck traffic
  • Design allows for regional sewage disposal from nearby resort communities
Project Area: 24.35 ha
Project Cost: $5.5 M