City of Swift Current – East Landfill Study

City of Swift Current - East Landfill Study

Walker Projects performed a general study of the City of Swift Current East landfill. This project assessed the technical and regulatory regimes of the landfill, which resulted in the extension of the existing licence to operate the East Landfill in Swift Current, provided the necessary information to establish a financially sound and operationally efficient East Landfill operational plan for the City and outlined a Landfill closure plan over the medium to long-term.

Project Details: The scope study was then expanded to examine the options to consider a possible extension in the operational life of the East Landfill; such areas included: The team was responsible for:
  • the steep side-slopes of portions of the East Landfill and their long-term stability;
  • geo-technical soil structure assessments;
  • leachate quality, quantity and management options and impact on groundwater;
  • structural and operational improvements with cost estimates;
  • a study of the waste characteristics entering the East Landfill;
  • a quantitive calculation of available “air-space” above the East Landfill to infill;
  • modeling of the medium and long-term infilling of this “air-space”;
  • estimated operational life of the East Landfill under a couple scenarios; and
  • estimated end of life closure costs.