Mayfair Diagnostic Clinic

Mayfair Diagnostic Clinic Panorama

Mayfair Diagnostic Clinic Lobby

Mayfair Diagnostic Clinic Lighting

Mayfair Diagnostic Clinic Reception

The Mayfair Diagnostic Clinic is located within the Regina Centre Crossing. As a radiology lab the end user desired a space that did not reflect the standard image of a clinic space. The client desired a space that was fresh and new, cutting-edge, which would appropriately reflect the cutting edge technology being used in the facility.

Project Details:
  • the clinic operates:
    • 5 Ultrasound Rooms
    • 1 Mamogram Room
    • 1 X-Ray Facility
  • the space features a dynamic design to provide an interesting experience for clients and employees
Project Area: 4,000 ft²
Project Cost: $0.8 M
Project Scope: 4,000 sq. ft. 5 Ultrasound Rooms. Mamogram Room. X-Ray Facility. The entire space features a design which appears as individual buildings within the space. The hallways are dynamic in shape, featuring curves and jags, which provides an interesting experience for clients and employees.