Weyburn Courthouse

Weynurn Courthouse postphase

Weyburn Courthouse midphase

This historic relic is an architectural landmark located at the centre of a prosperous wheat-growing district in Saskatchewan. Described as one of the most distinctive buildings, the Weyburn Courthouse was designed by provincial architect Maurice Sharon in 1928, the last bumper harvest prior to the Great Depression (source).

Project Cost: $6.2 M
Project Scope: The scope of this project incorporated barrier-free washrooms and elevator access to the building as well as upgrades to the original building for modern life safety, security and building code requirements. The original building required new/rehabilitated architectural interior finishes, as well as complete mechanical and electrical systems replacement. The project scope was expanded due to significant structural repairs to the foundation and the superstructure encountered during construction. The second phase of the project incorporated exterior masonry repairs, rehabilitation of the original wood windows, roof replacement, and site landscaping.